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To get great results using online marketing you need to control and tweak a lot of different factors. Are you targeting the right audience? Are you using the most efficient channels? Is your product or service meeting the demand and expectation of potential buyers and so much more. At Mend Marketing we use a flow to make sure you check all the boxes and create the online marketing strategy and approach.


You got this great idea for an online shop or a business. That’s great! Do you also know who ideally would buy your product or service? By creating a target audience analyses we finetune the target audience and make sure we keep trimming down the waste in advertising dollars. The result more traffic to your website at lower cost. Read more

Organic Search Optimization
Multi Channel Paid Media
Social Media
Content creation
Data Analytics
Content Marketing


The objective or running campaigns is generating high value leads or sales. We create impactful campaigns and funnels that guide leads to clients. Testing and optimizing the campaigns is what makes them profitable. Learn more.

Creative strategy
Design research
Asset production
Web + mobile development
Usability optimization
Information architecture


Growing your business to the next level is a systemized process to success. After searching and finetuning your audience, as your client database is growing, we search for look-a-like audiences and automate the winning formula. And keep repeating this winning process. Learn more

Marketing automation
Real time engagement
Workflow & asset creation
Social listening
Conversion optimization
CTA testing

Continu the flow

The key to continue the flow and keep growing is focus on your clients. We research, test and search for new opportunities and trends within markets and clients. To keep the flow going. Leer meer

Marketing automation
Consumer feedback
Email marketing
Multivariate testing
Social media

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